Why isn’t my website making me any money?


“Why isn’t my website making me any money?” Hands up if the thought  has entered your head at least once since you started your business?

Truth be told, it’s probably been a thought you have had more times than you can count! You aren’t alone, trust me I have had the same thought pop into my more than once, there are times it’s driven me to the brink of tears with frustration.

You know that your products and services are great. You love your business. You are invested in it, you work hard at it but not only are your sales non existent. Traffic to your website isn’t really a party either! You just keep finding yourself wondering “Why isn’t my website making me any money?”


Why isn’t my website making me any money?
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OK, now we have chatted over what the problem is with your website (not making you money, feeling a little like a billy no mates) let’s look at why you have this problem and more importantly how we can fix it.


Look it’s not going to be a shock to you that a lack of traffic is one of the biggest reasons that a website doesn’t make money.


If people can’t find your website then they can’t buy from it. If you image your website traffic like a funnel, your traffic is what you put in at the top, then that filters down and the middle is the number of people who join your list, share your posts etc and the bottom of your funnel is the number of sales that you will get.


Traffic Traffic Traffic

So when you look at it like that it stands to reason that your website needs a lot of traffic for the start to put in the funnel. The less that goes in at the top the less will filter all the way down to the bottom, ie the sales.


How do you increase your traffic? Well first let’s look at your website itself, you know that shiny, all singing, all dancing piece of online real estate that we spoke about at the top. Well…… em it might be your biggest problem.


You see I’m guessing when created your website, you put a tonne of thought into your design (maybe even hired a kick ass web designer) , you spent ages on your copy and poured over your services pages. Then you hit the launch button.


And…………… nothing apart from an initial flurry from family and friends.


Sound familiar? Don’t worry again you aren’t alone in this. Every entrepreneur who has ever made it big has at one point asked themselves “why isn’t my website making me any money?”


A website needs more than just to look pretty, that is a prime piece of online real estate and it needs to do more than just look pretty, but you have to help it on its way.


So before you started your business, I’m guessing you did your market research, you worked out who your ideal customer avatar was and then you put your packages together and either built your own website or had one designed for you.


Then you waited for sales to roll in. Well there is your problem, you focused all your attention on the pre launch and launch phase of your business, you didn’t focus on what happened when you launched and you probably missed a key element in your website design.


So when you were designing your website did you remember to do your keyword research? Did you look to see what searches your ideal customers were carrying out?


If you did, well done you! The next stage once you have your keywords is making sure the onsite optimisation of your website is carried out.


Install a plug in like all in SEO or Yoast to help make this task easier. This will let you optimise your website pages for your chosen keywords. (in other words it tells Google what you want to rank for within its pages)


When it comes to onsite SEO you have to remember to also optimize your images as Google don’t recognise images so they look for the text within the images. (you can optimize your images using yoast or all in one SEO)


So if you were reading this and realised you missed some steps. Then what I want you to do is carry out some keyword research, install an SEO plug in and get to work on the onsite SEO. You should also install Google analytics and set up Google search console.


Once Google knows what to rank you for it can start to slot you into its search results, which in time will mean organic search traffic to your website.


Then you want to work on your off site efforts! This is a whole topic all in its own but in short get your website out there where you can, include it in your social media profiles, guest blog for other sites in your niche, get published in some online publications like the huffington post. This will help create links and send traffic to your site!


Work on a marketing plan, list all the ways you can drive visitors to your site. We have already covered SEO, but work out your social media plan, how are you going to advertise? Will you be doing paid promotions etc.


The thing is of course you want your website to work hard for you, you want it to make you sales. But here’s the thing before your site can work hard for you, you have to give it the tools to work hard for you.

Once you equip your website for success and put a marketing plan in place you will be amazed at how quickly the sale start to flow in!

Click here to get our FREE SEO checklist, this is the checklist that we use every time we start a new SEO campaign!

Leave a comment below and tell us what your SEO plan is!

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