In this blog I want to  look at the power of social media to your SEO campaign. There seems to be a growing believe amongst business owners these days that Social Media and SEO are separate marketing strategies that aren’t really linked to each other.


In reality nothing could be further from the truth. Social media and SEO are very much connected and that will only increase in the future.


The truth is your social media campaign can boost your search engine rankings. In other words if you haven’t thought about the power of social media to your SEO campaign before now then read on!


A strong social media presence is now vital to any business, so how does that link to your SEO campaign?


Did you know that Google take into consideration your social media presence when they are ranking your website? They will look at the numbers of followers and engagement etc that your channels get in order get a feeling of authority for your website and brand.


Thats just one way in which your SEO and social media are linked there are several others and they are whats known as social signals.


Now lets take a look at some of the other ways your social media can influence SEO results.


Well for starters lets take a look at Twitter, Google takes a look at Twitter to discover new content. There is so much content on the web and Google have to find a way of accurately index it all and more importantly find and indexed the most relevant, up to date and talked about content and it uses the content collated from Twitter shares and chats to do this (if your site has been tweeted about, shared etc)


Which brings us onto social sharing, social sharing is now one of the best ways to build backlinks to your website, backlinks to your site are vitally important and there are still many ways in which you can build back links, but for now lets talk social sharing backlinks.


Google likes social sharing because its results aren’t easily manipulated the way other back links can be, so it looks at the social media link juice and to do that it will look at your tweets, shares, likes etc.


In other words you can boost your authority with your social media influence, this means Google and the other search engines will rank your website higher if it thinks you are a credible source in your niche.


It will look to see if you have some sort of social media influence that boosts your website and websites contents credibility.


So thats when it looks at your social media results, your likes, shares , comments because these factors determine your relevance and your reach.


In a further blog post, we will look at what you can do to your social media accounts in order to help them boost your SEO but for now just keep in mind the power of social media to your SEO campaign.




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