When it comes to creating backlinks for your website it can seem overwhelming, especially if SEO really isn’t you thing! Sound familiar? Then read on for SEO Social Media Links Even A Newbie Can Master!

SEO Social Media Links Even A Newbie Can Master!

It’s complicated enough to get a handle on SEO but it’s made even harder with so many mixed messages floating about all over the place!

One of the most common misconceptions out there when it comes to SEO is that there is no point in creating social media backlinks because they are what’s called “no follow” backlinks.

Technically “no follow” links don’t always count in the SEO world because “follow” links are seen as the most important buts its actually vital to have a mix of both “follow” and “no follow” links in order for your site to seem reliable and not spammy in the eyes of good old Google.

And social media links are amazing backlinks to have to your website because they carry so much potential when it comes to ranking factors.

Not only that but social media links are some of the easiest links to have point to your website.

So take a look as following tips for some on SEO Social Media Links Even A Newbie Can Master!

Link 1: Your About Sections

The first and perhaps most obvious links to create are to make sure you have your website links in your social media profile across all your social media accounts.

This is so that when anyone visits your social media page they can easily make it onto your website!

The place to leave your website link is usually found in the contacts or about tabs of the relevant social media account. (make sure you keep the URL format exactly the same each time)

SEO & Social Media
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest


Don’t forget to include a link to your site on your personal Facebook account as well, again you can do this in your about page.

Link 2 : Your Social Media Buttons

Next up is to make sure that you make full use of Facebook’s button feature.

You will find this button under your Facebook cover image and it’s really easy to edit it to include a call to action link back to your website

Adding Website Link To Facebook Button
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest

Link 3 – Your Cover Image

The next is an obvious one, but its one so many people forget about.

When you create your profile and cover image and upload it to your social media profile you have the space on the right for a description.

When someone clicks on your image it will pop up and show that description as well as the image, so it’s the perfect space to include a link back to your website.

SEO Social Media Links Even A Newbie Can Master!
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest


Link 4 – Facebook Group

If you have a Facebook group this is the perfect place to links in a couple of places.

The first is in the group description and include it within the first 96 characters so that it shows up in the description when someone is searching your group.

The next places to include the link to your site is in the pinned post at the top of the page.

You could incorporate links to several pages or posts in your site by doing this. Which makes it not only great for SEO but really helpful for driving traffic to your website as well.

Link 5 – Rich Pins

When pinning your posts in pinterest remember to include your website URL! (don’t pretty link it use your actual URL)

This way not only can you drive traffic direct from the post but when your posts are shared so is your URL!

Link 6 – Instagram Stories

If you use Instagram stories then this gives you a perfect opportunity to create a link to your site or blog direct from your Insta-story

Obviously this isn’t a permanent link and it will disappear along with your Insta-story but if you have a great piece of content or a sale etc then you should use this feature to your full advantage and include a link with your story!

Link 7: Social Media discussions

Do you find yourself often answering people’s questions in relation to your industry or niche?

Then when you do remember to include a link back to your website! This will help build trust and traffic to your website. Always make it as easy as you can for people to visit your website! 

Link 8: Discussion Groups

If you take part in online discussion groups then remember to include a link to your website where possible.

Just don’t spam only add your link if you are genuinely bringing something of value to the discussion. If you spam these groups not only will you find yourself banned you will negatively effect your businesses reputation, which isn’t something that you will want to do. 

Link 9 – Your Whats App Status

Do you use WhatsApp to chat with clients etc then you can include a link to your website in the about description.

Simply go to your profile picture and add a link! Simple as that!

Link 10: Your Publications

If you contribute content to website like Huffington Post then remember to include a link to your website in your about section.

Just Like That These Are Our SEO Social Media Links Even A Newbie Can Master

As you can tell these aren’t hard links for you to create, but they can really help you get started with your SEO link building campaign.

It doesn’t have to be complicated it can really be as easy as that and using the steps above you can great 10, 20, 30 links depending on how many social media profiles.

Let us know in the comments section below how you got on creating these links (and remember to include a link to your own website! )

If you need more help getting started with your SEO campaign then download my FREE SEO checklist to help keep you on track.


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