Every good marketing makeover needs a kick ass tool kit and these are some of my favourites in the industry. Some are affiliate, some aren’t but all of them I love and use them for me and for my clients and I know they will make your own marketing campaign and online business journey easier!


Below are the WordPress plugins I can’t live without in my business. They are the first ones I advise my clients to use in the website design side of my business. They will help your online marketing, not only that they are super duper easy to use. Simply click below to check each one out.


Try this simple to implement popup that doubles conversions without annoying your visitors, this tool is amazing for building your email list!

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Looking for a membership plugin for Infusionsoft or Ontraport that really does it all? Check out AccessAlly (first month with this is only $7)

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These are the people and programs that I love and that I think can really help you push through to the next level with your business. Each of these programs has helped me make my business better one way or another.

Launch It And Profit

I get it, launching can be daunting, but what if releasing your next product or program could be straightforward, fun and PROFITABLE? Guest what? It can be. My dear friend Nathalie Lussier is bringing you her tried and true step-by-step formula to take the guesswork out of your next launch.

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Denise Duffield - Thomas’s Free Pricing Course.

This course is perfect for you if you are struggling to price your products or services, and the best part – its a totally FREE course!

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The Copy Cure

I loved this course and it totally transformed the way I write my copy for my website, blog posts and well pretty much anything. Brought to you by the amazing Marie Forleo and the equally fabulous Laura Belgray

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Social media management and marketing can be a bit stressful and time consuming and I know that is what puts so many people off from implementing a Social media marketing plan. So if you have ever been one of those people who thinks there just isn’t enough time in the day to market on social media, well below are the tools for you! (seriously these tools cut out so much time and stress you will be wondering why you never used them before now!)

Meet Edgar

This is a great tool for Social Media Scheduling and with its Library features it’s great for promoting evergreen content.

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Post Planner

Again For Social Media Scheduling this one also helps you find the most popular posts in your industry to share with your audience

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For Emails, launches etc

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Get Response

A great alternative to ConvertKit for those just starting out

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Here are some other resources I think your business will need to get started online, there are a few choices for each so you can choose which options suit you best! These are the main resourses you need for getting your business online, domain names, hosting, WordPress Themes etc


For domain names, this is who I use most when it comes to buying domain names, the services is really good, the prices are really reasonable and you can buy your domain names for 1 year , 2 years etc instead of having to buy 3-5 years at a time which allows you to keep your costs down. Namecheap also offer 12 months Free whois guard which helps protect your privacy

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Again for domain names, GoDaddy is another favourite, like Namecheap you can register your domain name for as little as 1 year which keeps your costs down and GoDaddy run offers throughout the year which lets you register a domain name for as little as $1. However they don’t offer free Who Is Guard.

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This a hosting company that lets you pay monthly for hosting your website, you can get a really great first month offer sometimes for as little as $1 and then its around $9 a month for their starting packages.

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Another hosting services as an alternative to Hostgator and again you can get a really good introductory price for your first month.

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