As entrepreneurs we have so much to think about when it comes to planning or business.

From setting up our websites, to creating products, social media marketing, networking, generating clients, advertising sometimes it can feel like the list is endless.

With all that going on, Getting traffic to our websites can sometimes seem like an uphill struggle and sometimes one that isn’t worth bothering with.

However driving traffic to your website doesn’t need to be complicated and it certainly shouldn’t be over looked. When you start driving targeted traffic to your site you will soon see that the results are well worth the effort you put in.

Check out the steps below and start turning your website into one of the hottest spots online!

How To Get More Traffic To Your Website (3 Easy Steps)


Step 1: Add Your Website link To All your Social Media Profiles.


This might seem like a really easy and obvious step to take, but it would amaze you how many entrepreneurs over look this step.

We spend so much of our time connecting with other entrepreneurs on websites such as Facebook, yet we sometimes send them on a scavenger hunt in a bid to find our website details!

Don’t make it harder for people to find your little piece of online real estate. Add your website link to all your profiles including your personal profiles.

Not only will this help increase traffic to your website it will also help with social media link juice for your SEO campaign!


Step 2: Blog About It


This is really a 3 part step. The first is to blog more for your own website on topics that will be of value to your audience. This will encourage them to stay on your website, bookmark it to visit again for future blog posts and share it with their own friends and community.

The second part of this step is to guest blog post. Ask other entrepreneurs in and around your niche if you could write a blog post for them. Then when their audience see the high quality content you are sharing they will visit your website. Not only that but it will help your SEO by increasing your links.

The last stage of the blogging post is to leave comments on other quality blogs. Again this will establish you as an expert, increase your website links and improve traffic to your website.


Step 3: Make Sure Your Site Is Optimized For SEO


This is another obvious one but its a huge step and one you NEED to carry out.

Onsite SEO will be vital if you want your site to rank at all well within the Search engines.

So Make sure your sites on page SEO is up to date, that each page is SEO friendly and that its mobile optimised.

Once your site is ready to rank in the search engines and you start to get it out there you will be amazed at how much traffic it can send to your site!

So your take away from this post is to take these 3 steps and start to implement them and make sure you tell us in the comments section below which ones bring you the most traffic!


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