One of things I hear most about from other fabulous business owners is that SEO is well at best a chore or at worst a complete pain in the you know what.

That they just don’t know where to start. You also don’t have to do it all at once, if you can’t afford to outsource to an SEO consultant or you don’t want to then just start with the basics.

You will be amazed at just how much impact these 7 easy to follow SEO tips can have on your website rankings within the Search engines.

Before we get onto the tips you will have to make sure you have done your keyword research and know what search phrases you are targeting for each page of your website, Im not going to into Keyword research in this post but will cover it in another post this month.

Once you have chosen your keywords its then time to get started on implementing some basic SEO strategy for your website.


7 Easy To Follow SEO Tips


1. Onsite SEO is vital to your success


Over at Glasgow Web Geek we use the WordPress plug Yoast for our client sites and our own but you could also use All – in – One – SEO. These Plug in’s will help you carry out your onsite SEO effectively.

Without onsite SEO Google etc won’t know how to rank your website, they won’t know what searches to place your website within.

Its best to carry out your onsite SEO when your website is getting built but if you didn’t do this don’t worry, you can do it after the fact as well.

2. Make sure you use a Google friendly URL


Your URL will be one of the first things a search engine bot will crawl on your website so where possible have it include your keywords.

So for example, a website client of ours is a photographer in Paisley who specialises in newborn photography. So on her website we will include the a page where the following URL is used

So her main URL is this is her home page and on this page we will concentrate on getting her to rank for her business name. Joanne Dickson photography. Then on her internal pages we will focusing on her search phrases like newborn photography Paisley

 3. Search engines rank web pages not websites


Have a look at Google search and you will see that what ranks within the results are individual pages not complete websites.

Therefore make sure each page of your website gets the same attention to detail as your home pages does, with its own keywords etc.

That way you can rank several different pages of your website for different keyword phrases


4.Allow other people to contribute to your website


By that I mean allow user generated content,  allow comments and likes on your blogs, have a forum if you think it will help your website.

The more engagement and user interaction with your website the more favourably Google will rank it.


5. Words are vital


Google won’t find you through images,  they will find you through the words on your website,  so when adding images to your website make sure you make it SEO friendly.

Use images that reflect the topic of your page/posts and add it in a place where it is surrounded by relevant text. If appropriate add a caption that is relevant to your post / page and keywords.

Ensure you add alt text and title text to your images as well. Again this should be the keywords that are relevant for that page.


6. Never copy content


Not only is duplicate content a pretty shitty thing to do,  lets face it, it is completely unethical but it will also be duplicate content which Google really do not like.

Therefore it will harm your website rankings not help them.


7. Never buy bulk links


Bulk buys hundreds of links from Fivver or even taking part in a website link exchange with other website owners will seriously harm your website rankings.

If you guy a gig from fiverr to send 200 links to your site or have a reciprocal link deal going on with other webmasters then you are going to really anger the powers that be at Google with your black hat SEO ways (or the bots they have programmed to spot this sort of thing) and they are going to put your lovely website on the search engine naughty step for a serious time out.

You will fall down the rankings and it will cost you time and money to fix it, so please do not even consider this as an option. Take the time and do it right, the results will be worth it.


So there you have it 7 easy to follow SEO tips to get you started on your journey to the top of the search engines!

Have you started to SEO your website yet? or fallen fowl of Google and found yourself on time out? Let me know in the comments below!

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