Understanding HTTPS, SEO And Google (Video Tutorial)

UNDERSTANDING HTTPS, SEO AND GOOGLE Understanding HTTPS, SEO and Google can seem tricky or overwhelming. Especially if you aren't sure of SEO as it is. However it doesn't have to be that complicated. What you do need to know is that come October Google will be giving...

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Understanding Google And Keywords

UNDERSTANDING KEYWORDS AND GOOGLE Understanding keywords and Google can be tricky, especially in relation to making sure they work for your website. What do you think of when you hear the phrase “SEO”? More often than not people think of 2 things “backlinks” and...

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HTTPS And Your Website’s Google Rankings.

In our third and final installment of our HTTPS blog series we are going to looking at: HTTPS AND YOUR WEBSITES GOOGLE RANKINGS Now its time for us to take a look at https and your website's google rankings. As is the case with most of Googles updates, the HTTPS...

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Getting a SSL certificate for your website

Getting a SSL certificate for your website

Welcome to Part 2 of our HTTPS blog series:    GETTING A SSL CERTIFICATE FOR YOUR WEBSITE  As you know from part one of our HTTPS blog series (if you missed it you can find it here) Google are making a big push towards online security and are penalising any...

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What Is HTTPS And Why Your Website Needs It

What Is HTTPS And Why Your Website Needs It

Welcome to Part 1 of our HTTPS Series : WHAT IS HTTPS & WHY YOUR WEBSITE NEEDS IT There has been a lot of talk lately online about HTTPS and HTTP and the importance of having the first one over the latter! So in the first part of our HTTPS series we are going to be...

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